Coal production and carbon footprint


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF COAL RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO. 2406 TO BE ANSWERED ON 16.03.2020 Coal production and carbon footprint 2406. DR. AMAR PATNAIK: Will the Minister of COAL be pleased to state: (a) the details of mining technologies being utilised by coal producers to reduce their carbon footprint: (b) the details additional forest and green cover created by Coal India Limited during the last three years: and (c) the details of estimated national demand for coal uptill 2035? ANSWER MINISTER OF PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS, COAL AND MINES (SHRI PRALHAD JOSHI) (a): Various methods and technologies being utilised by the coal producers to reduce carbon footprint are as follows: 1. Deployment of Surface Miners in opencast coal mines and continuous miner in underground coal mines. 2. Transportation of coal through railways, belt conveyors and tube conveyors. 3. Draglines deployed in opencast projects. 4. Effective plantation in the mine lease area to arrest the propagation and dispersion of dust. 5. Roads are black-topped and coal carrying trucks are optimally loaded and covered with tarpaulin. 6. Diversifying into coal to chemical business thereby reduce more carbon footprints. (b): CIL & its subsidiaries have planted 99.6 million sampling in 39842 Ha till February 2020. Details of additional forest and green cover created by Coal India limited during last three years are as below: Period 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 No. Ha. No. Ha. No. Ha. CIL 1995166 821.521 1816070 733.428 1976618 812.98 (c): As per Vision 2024 of Ministry of Coal, projection of all India coal demand during next 5 years has been depicted as below: (Figs in Million Tonne) All India demand 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 2023-24 1000 1052 1111 1172 1273