Coal production targets of CIL


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF COAL RAJYA SABHA STARRED QUESTION No. 307 TO BE ANSWERED ON 23.03.2020 Coal production targets of CIL *307. DR. AMAR PATNAIK : Will the Minister of COAL be pleased to state: (a) whether Government has prepared a roadmap to meet the target of one billion tonne coal production by Coal India Limited (CIL) by the year 2024-25; (b) the required growth rate necessary to meet such a target; (c) the average growth rate of coal production in the preceding five years; (d) whether the production target for the year 2019-20 was achieved; (e) if not, the reasons therefor; and (f) the details of present coal stock in power plants in the month of February? Answer MINISTER OF PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS, COAL AND MINES (SHRI PRALHAD JOSHI) (a)to(f): A statement is laid on the table of the House. STATEMENT IN REPLY TO RAJYA SABHA STARRED QUESTION NO. 307 FOR ANSWER ON 23.03.2020 BY DR. AMAR PATNAIK, M.P. REGARDING “COAL PRODUCTION TARGETS OF CIL. (a)&(b): Coal India Limited (CIL) has been directed to achieve 1 BT coal production by 2023-24 with a required compound average growth rate (CAGR ) of 10.95%. (c): Details of raw coal production trend and average growth of CIL during last five years is given below. (in million tonnes) Year 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 Total CIL production 494.24 538.75 554.14 567.37 606.89 Growth (%) 6.9 9.0 2.9 2.4 7.0 CAGR(%) 5.27 (d)&(e): All India coal production target for 2019-20 is 810 MT against which 633 Mt was produced in April – February 2019-20. During April –Feb. 2019- 20, coal production declined by 0.64% as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. The decline in coal production is largely due to heavy rainfall witnessed in the coal mining areas in the current year which was around 25% more than the previous year. Further, rains also continued during the month of October. However, production has started showing an upward trend since November, 2019 and the country achieved highest ever production of 69.6 MT in December, 2019, 74.8 MT in January, 2020 and 78 MT in February, 2020. (f): As per CEA report, coal stock with power plants has increased to the level of 40.013 million tones, equivalent to consumption of 23 days as on 15.03.2020. The present stock of 40.013 million tonnes at power plant end is all-time highest stock in the last decade. *