Documentation of diverse dance forms


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF CULTURE RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION No.980 TO BE ANSWERED ON 20.09.2020. DOCUMENTATION OF DIVERSE DANCE FORMS 980. Dr. Amar Patnaik Will the MINISTER of Culture be pleased to state: a) the steps taken by Government to document and disseminate information about diverse dance forms and their cultural contexts; b) the details of budgetary allocation made for the same; and c) the steps taken by Government to document and disseminate information about Odissi dance and its cultural contexts? ANSWER MINISTTER OF STATE (IC) FOR CULTURE & TOURISM (PRAHLAD SINGH PATEL) a) Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai has been documenting all its programs in the past two decades. Dance dramas, lecture demonstrations, workshops and other art related activities have so far been documented which run into several thousand hours of documentation. These documented videos are extensively used by the faculty and students of the Foundation for training and teaching purposes. SangeetNatakAkademi, New Delhi organized Festivals all over the country, gives grants-in-aid for research, documentation, and publishing in the performing arts; organizes and subsidizes seminars and conferences of subject specialists; documents and records the performing arts for its audio-visual archive. The scheme “Festival, Workshop & Exhibition” is designed to support festivals both at the regional and national levels to present classical, traditional, tribal and other forms of Indian performing arts under the aegis of the Akademi, in order to preserving art tradition in live practice,and for developing technique and creative process through performance and workshop, by holding and supporting music festivals, Seminars & Workshops &Exhibitions etc. The Akademi has brought into limelight unknown and rare art forms and many artistes who are performers of outstanding merit, as also younger generation of performing artists. The opportunities and scope for in-depth documentation of various arts and artistes brought together on the occasion of the above events are utilized for optimum artistic results. b) No separate budget allocation. It is met from the general grant received by the concerned organizations from the Government. c) Sangeet NatakAkademi, New Delhi has a scheme “Survey, Research, Documentation, Dissemination & Publication” which has the objective of preserving recordings of different arts forms, for the purpose of research and dissemination. Under the said scheme, Akademi provides grant to individuals and arts and cultural institutions for research work and documentation of various dance forms of the country. The list of documentation of Odissi dance during last three years i. e. from April 2017 to March 2020 is placed below as Annexure-I.