Land acquisition and displacement of people for development of NHs

Road Transport and Highways

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO -141 ANSWERED ON – 14/09/2020 LAND ACQUISITION AND DISPLACEMENT OF PEOPLE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF NHs 141. DR. AMAR PATNAIK: Will the Minister of ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS be pleased to state: (a) the details regarding land acquisition for development of National Highways; and (b) the details of people displaced, State-wise? ANSWER THE MINISTER OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS (SHRI NITIN JAIRAM GADKARI) (a) 13,481 ha of land was notified u/s 3D of NH Act, 1956 for acquisition during the period from 01/04/2019 to 31/03/2020. (b) Acquisition of land for NH projects being linear in nature along NH results in no displacement of people.