Low utilisation of funds allocated under PMJAY

Health and Family Welfare

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE RAJYA SABHA STARRED QUESTION NO. 18 TO BE ANSWERED ON THE 4 TH FEBRUARY, 2020 LOW UTILISATION OF FUNDS ALLOCATED UNDER PMJAY *18. DR. AMAR PATNAIK: Will the Minister of HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE be pleased to state: (a) the reasons for low utilisation of funds allocated under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), the details thereof; (b) the steps taken by Government for ensuring full utilisation of the allocated funds; and (c) if not, the reasons therefor? ANSWER THE MINISTER OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE (DR. HARSH VARDHAN) (a) to (c) A Statement is laid on the Table of the House. STATEMENT REFERRED TO IN REPLY TO RAJYA SABHA STARRED QUESTION NO.18* FOR 4 TH FEBRUARY, 2020 (a) Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) was launched in September 2018. Since then, expenditure has shown an upward trend. From September 2018 until the end of FY 2018-19, a total of Rs. 1849.55 crore were released to States. In the current financial year, till date, Rs. 1670.93 crore have been released. Therefore, the total amount released to States since the launch of scheme amounts to Rs. 3520.48 Crore. Also, a rigorous oversight procedure in the release and utilization of funds is being followed which has ensured appropriate utilization of resources and prevented unjustified parking of funds at the State level. The reasons for relatively slower than estimated pace of expenditure are at Annexure I. (b) The Steps taken to ensure utilization of allocated funds under PMJAY are at Annexure II. (c) In view of the answer to (b) above, question does not arise.