Report on Artificial Intelligence

Electronics and Information Technology

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO. 1938 TO BE ANSWERED ON 05.12.2019 REPORT ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 1938: DR. AMAR PATNAIK: SHRI MAHESH PODDAR: Will the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology be pleased to state: (a) whether Government has received the report on Artificial Intelligence by the Committee constituted for the same; (b the number of reports/studies on A.I initiated by Government and details thereof; (c) whether Government has released this report, or any information thereof, in public domain; (d) the actions recommended by this Committee on Artificial Intelligence; and (e) whether the committee has recommended any safeguards against biases in computer systems in its report and details thereof? ANSWER MINISTER FOR ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (SHRI RAVI SHANKAR PRASAD) (a) and (b): Yes, Sir. Government has received the draft Reports on four committees constituted on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Following are the details of committee on AI: I. Committee A – Committee on Platforms and Data for AI II. Committee B – Committee on Leveraging AI for identifying National Missions in Key Sectors III. Committee C – Committee on Mapping Technical Capabilities, Key Policy enablers required across Sectors, skilling, re-skilling and R&D IV. Committee D – Committee on Cyber Security, Safety, Legal and Ethical Issues (c): Yes, Sir. Government has published the draft reports at the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) website. (d) and (e): Reports along with the recommendations of all the committees are available at the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) website