Revenue losses to tourism sector


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF TOURISM RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO.311 ANSWERED ON 15.09.2020 REVENUE LOSSES TO TOURISM SECTOR 311. DR. AMAR PATNAIK: Will the Minister of TOURISM be pleased to state: (a) whether there are estimates and/or projections for revenue losses incurred by tourism sector in the year 2020-21; (b) whether the Ministry plans to adopt new strategies to boost tourism going forward, if so, details thereof; and (c) if not, the reasons therefor? ANSWER MINISTER OF STATE FOR TOURISM (INDEPENDENT CHARGE) (SHRI PRAHLAD SINGH PATEL) (a): No, Sir. Ministry of Tourism does not have any mechanism to maintain data on revenue earned/loss through tourism for the current year. However, no formal study has been instituted for assessment of revenue losses in Tourism sector in2020-21. However, several rounds of discussions and brainstorming sessions with industry stakeholders indicate massive loss of revenue. In view of the highly unorganized nature of the sector, the impact in numerical terms can only be ascertained in due course. (b): The Ministry has undertaken the following strategies/initiatives to boost tourism: i. regular consultations with industry stakeholders on issues related to opening up of Tourism sector, ii. handling of tourists, protocols of safety and security, service standards etc. iii. Domestic Tourism Promotion Campaign through Webinars, social media and other digital platforms. Dekho Apna Desh Campaign has been the mainstay of Domestic Promotion. The main focus is to rebuild the trust of the domestic & international travelers in terms of India being the safe destination to travel in post Covid scenario. (c): Does not arise